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  1. Hi there, When i use Auto interior dimension option i get a double set of dimension lines in my rooms. Can i change this to a single set of dimension lines in a room? Thx for the trouble of answering Rob.
  2. Thx, that did work, had to delete all 3 walls, and rebuild them, but now its ok. Lesson learned, if it does something weird, delete and start over. Greets Rob.
  3. Hi all, I have a problem when i put a ceiling of the 2nd hallway in my plan. As soon as i put a ceiling there the gable walls in the living room disappear. I have no idee what is going wrong, i hope someone here can help me. I have attached the file with the plan as well as 3 screen shots The gables are market with an arrow as wel as the 2nd hall way in the screenshot of the plan. I am using Home Designer Suite 2016 Kind regards Rob. Glansaas.plan