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  1. Sigh. Given all the time I've spent in HD for this project I should have thought of that. I know that just about everything has it's own display options, but without thinking about it didn't occur to me that there were different options for both cross sections and clipped cross sections. In my defense, I created a camera (cross section) and then turned on the clipping property in it's option page. I thought it was still the same camera. I didn't realize I was replacing a cross section camera with a clipping cross section camera, which is what apparently happened. To make this sort of thing a bit more clear perhaps the Chief Architect folks should put the exact element name in the title bar of the Display Options window. That way when a person changes any Display Option setting it's clear what it applies to (and by extension, what it DOESN'T apply to).
  2. Clipped cross sections don't show any roof elements. When I create an unclipped cross section the roof shows correctly, but when I specify a back clip (or just create a clipped cross section from the start) the roof lines are not shown. The ridge cap and gutters are still shown, just not the roof itself. Attached are two images, one of a cross section showing the roof and the second a cross section from the same camera with a back clip specified. Is this normal? If so, why? Is there a setting someplace that I need to change to get the roofs to show up? I need the cross sections in my drawings to show the roof in my building permit application. Details: Home Designer 2014 Pro 4 proc Intel 6GB memory Nvidia GeForce GT6300