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  1. kevinthomason

    Problem with Terrain Meeting Foundation Walls

    David and Jo_Ann, Thank you so much for the feedback! You have given me the guidance, feedback and answers to move forward with a solution. There is hope! Sadly, I thought that I was on the right track taking all the elevation points from the land surveyors and painstakingly putting them into the program at the start of the project drawing so that I would have a good foundation to build upon. It seems that they have messed up the drawing of the foundation instead! I will delete these terrain points as David suggests and instead use elevation regions in the manner that Jo_Ann has suggested. The results that you have gotten on my drawing are brilliant! Thank you - the thumbnails you have attached Jo-Ann are extremely helpful. I really appreciate both of your help. I will work on the file tomorrow and keep you posted on how it goes. Thanks again and cheers! Kevin.
  2. kevinthomason

    Problem with Terrain Meeting Foundation Walls

    Indeed, I created a different version of the file to remove all the interior details and the original is still intact in a variety of versions. Even compressed the original file was still far too large to upload with a 25MB limit. Any ideas on what I have done wrong or how to fix the contour line issue would be greatly appreciated. I can't be the only person that has ever encountered this. Thanks! Kevin.
  3. kevinthomason

    Problem with Terrain Meeting Foundation Walls

    Good idea. I have deleted everything inside the house and the file size is down to 12.4MB. I have attached the file below. Any help or assistance on these contours dipping down to the basement foundation along the one side of the house and rising up to the windows on the other side of the house would be appreciated. Thank you! Contour Issue Plan Aug 14th v2 No Furniture.plan
  4. kevinthomason

    Problem with Terrain Meeting Foundation Walls

    David, thank you for the fast follow-up. Unfortunately the plan file is currently 68MB and the upload limit seems to be only 25MB. I could post it to Dropbox or somewhere else if you have any recommendations. I have attached a screen capture of the floor plan if that is helpful. Thank you!
  5. kevinthomason

    Problem with Terrain Meeting Foundation Walls

    Hi, I have been teaching myself Home Designer Pro 2017 since February and up until now have been able to solve or find work arounds for any issues encountered. However, I am finding that there are a bunch of contour lines around the foundation of the house and detached garage that are forcing the terrain to the mid-point of the foundation no matter what I try to do. I have tried to put in specific elevation points, use elevation regions, flatten terrain, etc. All will average out or flatten nearby terrain but it still plunges or rises along the foundation to the mid point of the wall. I have attached some screen shots below. Any assistance on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.