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  1. I found that dormers and steps often have problems with the move but if you break apart the dormers and redo the stairs most other items seem to move okay. It is tricky getting it in the exact spot. Sometimes we have no choice but to move an entire house if it is on the same print as a garage.
  2. Just recently 2015 came out with an update. Since I downloaded and installed it some of the colors are no longer available. We often use "Ultra white" but this is no longer there. Any idea if there is a way to put these back in? I don't really want to uninstall and go back to the original 2015 version.
  3. GregWest

    3D Library Virus

    I'm running windows 10 and home designer Pro 2015. I was downloading some 3d libraries (I think I was downloading the Vehicle one). My virus checker(Kaspersky) flagged/guaranteed/and then deleted home designer pro's because it claimed there was a virus. Has anyone else seen similar problems? I was able to reinstall home designer but did not want to download the 3d libraries until I find out if they are clean.
  4. I have a garage roof that is shaped like a barn and am trying to create a floating dormer that extends from the peak to the outside wall. I find that the auto floating dormer will not work when there are two roof pitches (as in the barn shaped roof). I have created a roof plane that extends from the peak to the outside wall by creating invisible walls inside and defining the wall height. The only problem that I have is that the sides of the dormer are not filled in (you can see to the outside). If I made a normal dormer (not floating) then I could fill it in but I want the floating dormer to maximise the space in the room. Is there a way to fill in the sides? I am running Home Designer Pro V15.
  5. I was able to do this same thing. I used the Edit Area/Edit All Floors. I then put a box around what I wanted to copy. I then chose Edit/Copy. I went to the target and I chose paste/hold position (since I wanted it to be placed in the same location in the target drawing). I did have to redo the stairs because it broke them, but everything else seemed to work. Also, just so you know, you can have both files open at the same time ...