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  1. Been away for a few days. Sometimes it helps to leave a thing and then come back to it. Didn't help this time. And yes I have been staring at that framing defaults dialog... again. Like I said, I can easily change the thickness but the material box at lower right side of edit dialog (with the arrow pointing to "structure") is not clickable - it is stuck on concrete. This really should be quite simple and I know I'll feel silly when i figure it out... I will attach plan file. Ok so I'm having trouble with that too. I get a message that says: upload skipped (error302)
  2. I'm using HD pro. and having trouble building a second floor over a first floor where the first floor structure is a monolithic slab. I cant get the program to change the second floor structure to I joists. When I open the defaults dialog for second floor structure I have the option of changing thickness of floor but cannot change the structure type. I know I have done this before; what am I doing wrong this time? I have read through the defaults section of the user manual again. What am i missing?
  3. Thank you Solver! That was indeed the problem. Now if only i could get my poor brain to recall that i checked that box!?? It certainly seemed that those Xs showed up at random (?) Is there anything else that can turn on that function?
  4. Any body know why large Xs suddenly started appearing on my floor plan? I think these are somehow associated with my deleting of roof planes - I had been struggling with a roof design. I had deleted and redrawn roof planes several times before i discovered the source of my problem, and these pesky Xs did not show up in any of the previous delete/redraw cycles I'd been through. I searched preferences and behaviors and have not found anything about turning these things on or off. The Xs are not selectable and so far I have found no way to delete them... Please forgive if this is a silly question... I feel sure there is a simple answer I'm overlooking.