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    Manual Build Roof for Front Porch

    Hi Home Designer experts! I'm new to this software and have run into a speed bump. I have Home Designer Suite 2016. I designed a Cape Cod style home so I had to turn off 'Autobuild Roofs' in order to get the 1.5 story look and put in my dormers. I've got my house structure looking exactly how i want and i decided after building the main house i wanted to add a covered front porch. Problem is, if i turn on Autobuild Roofs to put a roof on my front porch then my second story roof gets all messed up. I'm wondering, is there any way to manually build a roof on my porch in Home Designer Suite 2016? Or is there any way to turn Autobuild Roofs on for 1 specific section of my structure (the front porch) so to maintain the integrity of my second story? I would appreciate any help so I dont have to rebuild my second story roof again. I put a lot of time into what I've done so far since it was not easy for me. I attached a few pictures. Pic 1: Right now i have added the front porch and have clicked on 'Roof over this room' and 'Ceiling over this room'. As you can see, the ceiling is over my porch but with 'Autobuild Roofs' off i dont have a roof. Pic 2: If i turn on 'Autobuild Roofs' I get a roof over my porch but my main structure becomes a Colonial and not a Cape. Pic 3: I found an option on the roof dialog that says 'Ignore second story' but unfortunately, that also messes up my second story roof. Help please!! Thank you