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  1. Where do I find the stove pipe and roof jack for this stove? I'm using Home Design Architectural 2016
  2. Why is it that when I add a porch or deck on the front of my house part of the siding over the lower roof goes away? See photo's. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2016 Auto Build Roof is NOT checked #2-1.plan
  3. Got it under control! Thanks
  4. Well maybe this will help! I can get the deck to show up if I put a roof over it but then the walls on the second floor go up and the shed dormer goes away. I've tryed lowering the ceilings before doing this also and found that doesn't help. Of course I'm probably not doing something in the right order at this point. I did follow your directions step by step before putting the roof on the deck. #4-4A.plan
  5. Thanks, I guess I'll keep playing with it. You've been a great help. I appreciate it.
  6. Here is where I'm at. Is the dormer too wide for the deck/balcony to show up? I have it set for the same depth as the other deck.
  7. OK Im' not getting this. When I put the wall breaks where you have do I delete that section? Then move the dormer wall forward? When I do this the front dormer wall dissappears How are you drawing the attic walls? I've drawn these just like your pic and they don't appear even if I draw a deck there. Sorry for being ignorant. Do I need to back up afew steps like lower the ceiling again?
  8. Do I need wall breaks at the attic walls?
  9. OK I fixed that problem, not that I remember how I did so. So now I've been trying to install a deck and door on the front without any luck.
  10. Hi Jo_Ann Here is what I've come up with. What's wrong with this picture? Do I need to put a room divider on both sides of the room to stop the walls on the other side from rising up? Is it possible to put the left wall of the shed (in this pic) on top of the wall below? It doesn't have to but just a thought. I would just like to have my original roof line back. Thanks
  11. OK! So if I manually build the Shed Dormer it doesn't appear unless I check "auto rebuild roofs" and then my gable ends go away.
  12. Is it possible to put a door and deck in front of a shed dormer?
  13. With the dormer tool. I did get the front wall to sit on top of the lower wall now. I also tried to create a deck here but I can't seem to get that to happen. It was just the thought of having double doors on the front of the dormer.