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    Colorized floor plan for builder's use

    Oh! that is the info i thought I had remembered seeing - thank you
  2. kfinteriordesign

    Colorized floor plan for builder's use

    Thanks Kirk! The only issue is that neither of the ones that show the finishes somewhat realistically, don't show the door swings.
  3. Hi everyone! I am trying to make a colorized rendered floor plan for my builder to use in his marketing materials, and I cannot figure out a way to do it in either the orthographic or rendered tabs, that will show the door swings. I thought I remembered seeing an article about it on one of the newsletters from this site a year or so ago but I can't find any reference to it. Does anyone have any idea how to do it? Many thanks in advance! Kirsten
  4. kfinteriordesign

    After upgrade to Pro 2016, camera does not work

    Hoping you can help! I upgraded from Pro 2015 to Pro 2016 and imported a plan i have been working on. Now i am unable to use the camera for any views, not elevations nor 3D, all i get is a brown/gray screen. I need to do a presentation and now all of the work I have done is inaccessible, since I can't even open it back in the 2015 software now that it has been converted! Help!!