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  1. Thanks. The full gable on the opposing walls was an artifact of switching roof direction. The one thing that I did not have done that is needed in HD Pro is the "Build Roof Planes" check box should be checked to get the refresh of the roof line. It is located in the roof dialogue box.
  2. I am running the same and have no problems
  3. Has anyone had the pleasure of designing a gambrel roof whose gable is over a wall comprised of two different sections? The first portion is a full wall and the second section is post and beam above five feet of porch. The roof tool does not recognize the full gable setting over both walls as one so it only creates a simple pitched roof. I have tried installing an invisible wall the combined length of both sections and also tried creating a dummy wall to be erased after roof creation, both to no avail. Anyone have any experience with this? I am using Home Designer Pro 2016.