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  1. paradiserentals

    Window Lites in Home Designer Pro 2017

    Hi Eric, Thanks. I had put the program version that I was using in the subject. This was the first post that I have put into the Q&A so I am not all that familiar with it. So, from what I think your saying (and the lack of feedback from others) - the only option is for me to create my own muntin and re-center and resize it every time I make changes to those windows. (We have over 100 DH windows in this cottage so that is not a convenient task.) We have to have our final window order signed off by Tuesday so I was hoping that I was missing something simple as I would think there would be an option to assign different grills to each sash. Thanks again, Will
  2. paradiserentals

    Window Lites in Home Designer Pro 2017

    I am using some large double hung windows. We are having out grids custom made for each window. We are having 8 lites in the top and 2 lites in the bottom section. I can not get my window specifications to allow me to do anything other than duplicate what is in the top section into the bottom section of the window. Any ideas??? Thanks! Will