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  1. Yes, that worked - thanks! It was the transparency setting that was the problem, rather than the actual colour. The transparency was set to 80%. I changed it to 10% and it's much better.
  2. That setting only works for the static dimension lines (such as interior, point to point, auto exterior). The dynamic dimensions are still very faint (tape measure, and dimension lines that pop up when an item such as wall is selected).
  3. How can I set the font for dimensions to be darker? It's very low contrast compared to white background. Seems OK for static dimensions such as auto exterior or point to point, but not for dynamic dimensions such as tape measure or the dimensions that pop up when an item (such as wall) is selected. In the example attached, one wall has been selected. The dimension 40' 6" from wall to wall is barely legible, as is the exterior dimension 28' 6". HD Pro 2012 on windows 10
  4. Except that I don't think that it's possible to specify the depth of the soil independently of the height of the box.
  5. In HD Pro 2012, there is a library item "raised bed". it's a wooden box conveniently already filled with garden soil. Here is the path: exteriors landscaping lawn and garden tools bins and beds The raised bed has 2 different materials so you can separately specify the materials for the box vs the fill. By sizing and placing two of these you can make an L shape.