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  1. I know that the 360 views can be viewed through the home designer or chief architect website, I was wondering if there was a way to open the 360 image on the viewer app. I only have Home Designer Pro 2018 and I do not see an option to upload to cloud. Does HD Pro 2018 have this option? Does the CA viewer app (on Samsung tab e with Android 6 os) have the ability to open an image stored on th device? NCSremodeler Home Designer Pro 2018 on Windows 8.1 x64 Chief Architect viewer app on Samsung galaxy tab e 9.6 with Android 6 os
  2. NCSremodeler

    360 views uploaded to cloud

    Thank you David for your reply. I will give them a call on Monday. We recently implemented the use of Room Planner to prepare our as-builts for our remodeling customers. The use of the 360 app viewer is an excellent marketing tool to use on our sales calls. But currently if we don't have access to wi-fi we can't log into the chief architect website to show the panorama views. I would prefer to use chief architect viewer app in lieu of a third party. Thank you.
  3. I'm using Home Designer Architecture and need to create a bow or bay window without bumping out the exterior wall. Does anyone know how to create one or alter the one in the library?
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    creating a bay or bow window unit without bumping out the exterior wall

    I'm using HD architect 2016. When you select a bow, bay or box bay window from the library, upon inserting into the exterior wall, the program automatically alters the framing and foundation wall to follow the window. I was asking about taking a pre-assembled window such as Andersen Window units. I have done more research on the internet and found 3D items and imported them to the software library. Found them in Sketch Up's 3D warehouse. I may import from my old AutoSketch program as well Thank you.