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  1. Okay, the video helped. I was only copying instead of doing a copy/paste. Thanks again.
  2. Yes, I select Edit Area Then I select area or objects I want reflected or mirrored. Then I copy. Then I select Object Reflect on Cad line I established. I will like at the YouTube video you suggested. Thanks for your help.
  3. I tried what you said. Everything reflects to the right side but the left side area or objects I reflected from disappears.
  4. I am drawing a duplex with Home Designer Pro 2015. I have drawn the left side exactly how I want it but am having trouble reflecting or mirroring the right side while retaining all the objects on the left side. I want to duplicate the right side to be same as left side. When I attempt to reflect for the right side the objects I'm reflecting disappears on the left side. Thanks for your help.
  5. I recently purchased Home Designer Pro. I also have a AutoCAD Library of thousands of pre-drawn residential details that would be to cumbersome to redraw in Home Designer. I like the floor plan benefits and 3D portion of Home Designer Pro but would like to be able to insert my AutoCAD predrawn details into Home Designer's layout sheet. Is this possible? Right now I have created a template in autocad that matches a Home Designer Layout sheet in order to include these details in my plan sets. Thanks for your response.
  6. I'm trying to find a 3D to insert a rod hanging canopy to go over a exterior doorway in Home Designer Pro. Is there an extensive library out there somewhere that might have it. Thanks
  7. Thank you both for your help. It is very much appreciated.
  8. Is that the way JoAnn did the example shown? If so I will read into the knowledge base on drawing manual roofs? My concern was how to get the door/entry way to be open and cut through the roof above.
  9. Thanks Jo Ann. The shorter Pyramid is what I'm trying to achieve. How did you do that to make the door entryway open?
  10. Thanks for your response .I do have Home Designer Pro I tried drawing a foundation set in 7 ft. with 6 inch walls and then designated roof angle as 52 degrees. I designated the inset area as a porch with no roof or ceiling but still had no luck with a door entry way.
  11. I am drawing a 20ft x 20 ft pyramid cabin with Home Designer 2012. The roof pitch is 52 degrees. I want to have an exterior door entry way that sets in about 7 ft from outer exterior of pyramid with no roof or ceiling above. Do I draw a interior wall for the door or an exterior wall? I'm having a problem drawing this with the door entrance being exposed. Thanks for your help.