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    How to create a shed or awning on wall above garage doors?

    Solver - Eric, thank you. I will read the manual roof tool closely. Flightdeck - KyleDJ, thank you. This might do it but the lower edge might be to low for the doors as things sit right now. I will try this too to see what happens. LawB10, thank you. Yes, that is the idea. I've downloaded your plan and will take a look. I can move forward now thanks to all of your suggestions.
  2. I have a two story building, garage on bottom, studio space on top. I can't find information to create a short, shed extension to shed water and snow away from the doors. I need it to attach to the wall below the upstairs windows. I may not know the correct terminology. I want it to be the same material as the other roof sections. I'm looking for help in how to do it or what to be looking for in the manual.