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  1. Kat, Thank you for your thoughts. But nothing I am doing now is even close to be call frustrating. What I am doing now is, building confidence in software program I just got done spending a bunch of money on. In addition, I am trying to assess how intuitive things are, where buttons are, and what I need to learn. And yes, while I have been studying the User Guide and watching the various videos, none of that would of help me with discovering the thing i did find. It was because I did things the way i did that uncovered this issue. And at least according to the tech folks, if their re
  2. Kat, Thank you for your input on this matter. I took the information that you offered and I re-looked at my model. I like to started off by saying, you are correct to point out the differences between the model that I had created and the article that was written in the Knowledge Base Center. It was because of that point, that I thought you were on to something. I thought maybe the fact that my model had floors and the article was stretching a window across an open area that didn't have a floor butting up against a "Window Object", that maybe that was having an impact on the results tha
  3. Eric, Thank you for your feedback. I am glad that I was able to provide you with the information you were looking for. In accordance with your suggestion, I shall submit a ticket for assistance with the tech support folks regarding this matter. Thank you.
  4. Eric, I think this is what you were looking for in terms of a plan. Please let me know. Thank you Test Drawing3.plan
  5. Mr. Potter, Thank you for your feedback. The walls at the intersection are not suppose to represent anything. They are not suppose to be there. It should be two intersecting perpendicular channels, whereby the walls at the intersection get, either automatically or manually removed the view. As for the material that were used to color each wall, that to had no meaning, other than to give each channel wall its own contrast. Another way to think the problem is, imagine there is a line that is 10 ft long, place a cut at 4 ft and a cut at 7ft, from one of the edges. Remove all the line b
  6. Eric, Thank you again for responds. I am still new, so I will have to look into and figuring out how to get a plan and attach said plan to said post. This may take me a try or two. As for your point about the little things making a big difference, you are absolutely right. The small things do matter. And in the future, I hope to be able to recognize those little things myself. But because this exercise was a trial and error exercise, I do not know enough to recognize if something is the cause of my problem. Lastly, to your point of being able to offer up more information
  7. To whom it may concern, The following post is meant to understand the characteristics of how Home Designer Software product handles intersecting rectangular features associated within the "Terrain" feature menu, in any of the 3D views. Background: During a learning exercise, there was an attempted to understanding how "Terrain Features" interacted with one another. In an exercise, two 50ft long by 4ft wide rectangular feature were added and placed within a 100 ft by 100ft terrain perimeter. Each feature, which for the purposes of this posting will be referred to as a channel, was placed
  8. Eric, Thank you for your feedback. As I do not have any true plan, I do however have is some screen shots. Please reference my posting at 4:59 PM. It is my hope that these images are sufficient enough for you and Mr. Potter to see what I was attempting to do. If you referring to some type of specific illustration, I would need a little more information on what kind exactly. Thank you.
  9. Mr. Potter, Thank you for your feedback. In reference to the first part of your posting, I did use the control key button; as I had mention in my original post and sited in reference link. Unfortunately, using the control button did not produced the expectation. To help illustrate what I attempted to do in words, I took a couple of screen shots to show you what I am referring to. Attached are 3 images of the issue I am seeing. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.
  10. To whom it may concern, The following post is meant to understand the characteristics of how Home Designer Software product handles "Window Objects" in any of the 3D views. Background: During a learning exercise, there was an attempt to understanding how "Window Objects" work with respect to wall objects. In a exercise that was conducted, a building with 4 floors was created using the floor plan mode. Each floor was aligned to the floor below it using the "Below Floor Alignment" button. Several views of this building were taken using various 3D camera perspectives. Once that was accomp