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    Delete floor but keep terrain

    Hey Eric, Before I try moving structure from floor 1 to floor 2, then deleting floor 1, you say there is another way if I am using Pro. I am indeed using Home Designer Pro 2016, so if there is another way (easier perhaps), I would love to try it. Thanks for your help and patience.
  2. Joe_Mech_O

    Delete floor but keep terrain

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the tip. It seems to work in as far as moving the terrain details to the other floor, but when I go to the orthographic view, the terrain is not there. If I undo the move, it shows up on the ortho view no problem. Not sure how to proceed.
  3. Joe_Mech_O

    Delete floor but keep terrain

    I created all my terrain details on my plan, on floor 2. I would like to delete floor 2, but keep my terrain details somehow. Is this possible?