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  1. vortac12

    Window and Door molding

    https://goo.gl/photos/gw8ueYaiYYZUy1tv8 This is the image result I get in the window library.
  2. vortac12

    Window and Door molding

    I have noticed that there are a lot of "odd" things with the software. You just have to know it's way of thinking in order to get it to work the way you want.
  3. vortac12

    Window and Door molding

    I dont have the library option listed. It might be not a feature with the architecht version
  4. vortac12

    Window and Door molding

    I recently upgraded from Suite to Architect and noticed that I know have a category in my Molding library for Window and Door casing. I would like to change my Door molding from the typical flat to a more decorative peice. However, the only option I see to change the trim is in the door specification under the materials section. When I click on the trim, it will only let me choose items that are in my Materials Folder. I tried copying the trim to my user created library but it wont let me select items from their either. I was able to change the trim to stone from counter top library. I also was looking in the room specifications and I can not find out there either where to use it. I can select the window a door trim for a chair rail, crown, or base molding, but not the doors and windows.