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  1. Thank you Eric !!! I plugged away using your information and although I am not 100% there yet with my final design I am a lot further along drawing the shed to gable roof connection. I will keep you & LawB10 updated on my progress. Again, my appreciation for your time and help. rismt
  2. Thank you both LawB10 and Solver. I will follow your suggestions and see if I can get it to work using my HD Suite 2016. Again, appreciate your time and help. Will keep you updated on my progress. rismt
  3. LawB10 ... Perfect !!! Exactly what I was trying to do. Cannot thank you enough for your help. Looks like this can only be drawn using HD Pro and not HD Suite. Again, my appreciation for your time and efforts. rismt
  4. Here is a marked up elevation and quick roof plan to help show what I am trying to do. Any help is really appreciated. Thank you, rismt Roof Plan 010316.pdf
  5. Thank you very much for the suggestion LawB10. Not exactly oriented like I am trying to design it. It needs to turn 90 degrees with the higher part of the shed roof (4/12 pitch) intersecting with the gable roof (12/12 pitch). To help clarify the existing gable roof ridge runs east/west. I want the shed roof to run north/south or 90 degrees to the gable roof ridge. In other words, I am trying to draw the beginning (or lowest part of the shed roof) at the far right exterior wall and then climbing/uphill towards the ridgeline (which is running perpendicular to the direction of the shed roof) of the gable roof. I am expecting the actual point the shed and the gable will touch each other will end up about 1/2 to 2/3 up the existing gable roof plane. Hope I haven't confused what I am looking to draw. So you know I have spent quite a few hours reading forum articles, help articles and searching for a solution to no avail. I don't want folks to think I am being lazy to look up the answer. Thanks, rismt
  6. As requested I added Home Design Suite 2016 to my signature. Thank you.
  7. Brand new to the Chief Architect family. Just bought and trying to use Home Design Suite. I have an existing 26x26 structure with a 12/12 gable roof. I want to add a 26x18 on the side with a shed roof that connects to the gable roof. I cannot for the life of me get this to draw a shed connecting to a gable. Any help from anyone is sincerely appreciated. Happy New Year to all. Bob