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    Cape Cod 2nd Floor Ceiling

    Ok I updated my signature. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2016.
  2. I am trying to create a Cape Cod home with Home Designer Architectural. I can't seem to get the 2nd floor ceiling so that the dashed lines formed by the ceiling/roof plane intersection are the correct distance apart. CA tech support says I need to create the roof resting 1" above the 2nd floor flooring. I can get training from CA, but I must first pay $300 to upgrade to Home Designer Pro, then pay $125/hour & then wait at least two weeks for the training schedule to open up. I am trying to get the distance between the rooflines on the 2nd floor ceiling to be 16' 0". The first floor dimensions are 50' long by 30' wide, Gable roof on the 30' walls. Specs are simple... attaching a sketch made in Adobe Illustrator and my plan file. I don't know why this so should be so hard to do. 5 clyth elevation.pdf 2nd floor ceiling issue.plan