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  1. Hmm, I thought option B would do the trick --I was able to reverse the object and place this new reversed curtain in my custom library-- but when I selected the reversed curtain as a window treatment, it just showed up in the original orientation (which is quite odd, because if I place this new reversed curtain on the wall by itself, it does retain the new right-tied orientation). So I guess I have to go with option A -- not as convenient, because the curtain is surprisingly difficult to resize and manipulate when it's a separate object that's not integrated with the window. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  2. That's one of the challenges, Eric: I can't open (Ctrl-E) the curtain, as I normally would to try and flip an object. There is no way to select the curtain so it can be "opened." I can select the window itself, but not the curtain as a component of the window. And the window itself can't be reversed -- as far as I can see. Scott Kimberly Home Designer Architectural 10 on Windows 8.1
  3. OK, I feel like a bit of a newbie here despite having used HDA and its predecessors for at least a couple of decades now. Not much experience with the interior design options though. There must be an obvious answer to my question, but I just can't find it after many searches of the user forums, Users Guide, knowledge base, and so on. My plan has numerous double windows-- not an unusual scenario by any means. I want to add curtains to the windows -- a left-tied curtain on the left, and a right-tied curtain on the right. All I can find in the catalog is a curtain tied to the left. I can't find any way to reverse / flip the orientation for one of the windows so that it will have its curtain tied to the right. I was expecting to find that as an option on the "treatments" tab (or at least somewhere in the window specifications dialog). I've attached a screen shot of what I currently have, using the stock left-tied curtain on both windows. Obviously the curtain on the right-hand window is the one I want to flip (moving the tie-back to the right). Any suggestions as to how I might accomplish that? Regards, Scott Kimberly Home Designer Architectural 10 on Windows 8.1