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  1. yes, thanks.....making the switch to the slab did it.  i have auditory learning challenges so videos are difficult.  are there and 'summary sheets' with a liat of settings and functions, of sorts.....does that make sense?.


  2. i am reading all replies and am grateful....i am a slow processor, even if fairly smart, so i will take a few days to digest but will respond when i 'get it'...thanks everyone...

    jo ann....i do appreciate any help i get, sincerely, but even tho i have a high iq, i am also learning disabled and neurodiverse so we process info in a different way.  my husband is also but he is a geek...self taught programer, builds 3D printers, etc....me....well, i have done floor plans on quad pads since age 10....59 years ago...so am creative but obvious to you is foreign to me sometimes!!!  and i have a great sense of humor so not offended, just try to educate non-neurodiverse to be patient and understand our challenges!  have a good weekend

  3. i have been a floor plan developer for years but i am trying to now incorporate the exterior and elevations, etc.

    since starting with home designer about 6 or 7 years ago, this is how my doors turn out....the outside view high, the inside view with the door too low....would someone please guide me to the settings i am not adjusting....please...thanks    also, i dont incorporate basements so it is just a regular concrete foundation....florida life style...if that is the issue...and i sometimes design with 7 foot ceilings finish....weird, i know...thanks for any help

    elevation issue.jpg

    inside door.jpg

  4. I was able to explode some but for some reason, I couldn't explode a specific kitchen group....but I just got creative and faked a sit at counter....thank you, though

  5. I drew the walls of a house, empty inside.   to the left of the house, 4 walls for a detached garage.  

    i attached a photo....can someone explain why the foundations are different?  i want the garage to have the identicl 6 inch fooundation as the house but this is what i get....

    does anyone have a clue???



  6. i dofeel thick and bothersome but........i want a ledge with the top roughly at 40" high and 4 to6 inches deep to run behind the kitchen counters...so the standard 24" deep cabinets would actually be either 28 inches or 30 inches out from the wall.  i just am uncertain if anyone actually builds like that of is it just my design.  we are rebuilding an extension from scratch and because we live in a hobbit house...soo small...i need a ledge behind the full cabinet length for...well, just crap thatsits on the counter.  for my living style, it would just work.  i assume a solid exterior wall would be build but then this long, skinny ledge at 40 inches tall would just be framed in but in such a way...maybe obvious to say...that the plumbing or gas or whatever could be accessed by using a removable back panel of the cabinets.

    this seems to be making me sound weirder as i try and describe it but i know for a fact, having that ledge...i don't us upper cabinets, only shelves...will be a massive helpfor a variety fof reasons...

    i really appreciate your time and effort to help....but doesnt anyone ever build this way?????? 

  7. ,,,,i am familiar with new home construction...florida style...for a variety of background reasons BUT i am trying to understand 1] if there is a proper term for the wall design i will try to describe and, also, if by some small chance someone in the building arena might have some experience with the wall design i refer to in any form....i have seen it behind toilet, too, and because we live in a tiny, tiny home and storage is minimal, i want to do it on at least 1 long kitchen wall/windowless and the window wall.

    ....the attached drawing....well, no laughing....i threw it together in a few secs so it is just to try and explain the wall style, if it exists and any feedback some kind experienced builder type person might share...thanks very much

    it is the obvious light blue surface behind the sink

    have a good weekend

    Untitled 1.jpg

  8. isn't it amazing how thick a soul can be in a panic...or at least me.....i saved it by renaming,,,...let;s see if i can avoid the panic next time and just THINK!!!!!

    thanks so much eric, again...have a good weekend



    Please tell me what the symbol is next to my cursor arrow and how to get rid of it...it is driving me nuts!!


  9. Well, we did contact tech support but it is not a possibility but thanks for your thoughts....my husband is a programmer and thought over your input.....good luck....my husband is an inventor in many ways so he respects your efforts.

  10. Hello again

    Hubby is into the world of VR.  Goal:  take my home design, export it in a 3D file format for VR.  Details....I have Suite 2021...if we upgrade to Architect, would there be the file format of FBX or  STL/OBJ, which he is able convert to FBX....and if upgrading to architectural doesn't do it alone, would upgrading to Architect [or using current Suite 2021] provide the path for you to recommend an add on program you know is reliable that would enable him to import my designs into his VR world....?

    thanks again for any help

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  11. i am back.....hopefully, easy....when you go to the 3D image to use the painter, in the dollhouse view, obviously, no ceiling....is there a way to do all the ceilings at once with the 3D painter or, as i am doing now, you just go room to room......and, BTW, don't blame the brits for weirdness....i am a florida oldh ippie....65... married to a much more sensible brit and living near london....and far, far away from the current prez, thanks....have a good weekend

  12. i did know that but no, walls all closed, everything the same....i will just keep re-pasting them in a new plan....it is still happening and i still am lost in space as to why but life istoo short to fret!!!  thanks, everyone


  13. Hmmmm...well, didn't delete it....all i did was push out an exterior wall to add square footage.  If i undo it, the ttl sf reappears....it is weird...

  14. Sometimes when i move a wall to increase or decrease the room size. the total square footage that displays at the bottom of the floor plan just disappears.....i have been creating a new plan and copying the original one over but it would be a lot easier of i could bring the sf display back....can anyone tell me why it disappears when i move a wall and how to re-display it?  thanks

  15. here is what i attempted t do...you are a professional, i am not so i am sure you will think me an idiot but i put the structural info from the house side by side with the garage numbers and tried to change in my drawing....seems not to be the right way to go


  16. well, do i embarrass myself and show the plan or just call the garage a room and deduct the square footage.....i guess it depends on how my self-esteem is today....

    I have just recreated the floor plan from scratch, rather than using the tools-rooms and going from the walls inward so i will see if that is better to post to illustrate the confusion.  having

    may i ask, mr potter, a question for a reality build....are most garages, even when they house laundry areas and workshops, generally actually built at different levels normally...or do some homes have the same floor levels between the kitchen and exiting to the garage.  I admit, my though process is that I trip....literally...on the step of our home s i exit the kitchen but it is a 150 year old terraced home in the uk an I am from florida and was always an apartment renter so I can not use past experience to do what a builder accepts as fairly normal.

    thanks for any input....i will upload the from scratch drawing if i figure out what exactly I should, image wise