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  1. Bill_M

    "Sinking" Home

    Using Creaking Ancient BHG Home Designer 8 Learning to use the software. Decided to make some terrain. I put the house on a hill on the property. Unfortunately, the house is partly sunken INTO the hill. I was hoping to have it sitting at grade level atop the hill with a rear deck on the down slope. Any way to get the house up to grade level? I can post a jpeg of the effect if needed. (Thanks in advance.)
  2. Bill_M

    Importing .calibz Data

    Thank you, sir. No problem. Any idea where I might be able to pick up additional content for the creaking old version?
  3. Bill_M

    Importing .calibz Data

    I have downloaded all the free .calibz files I could. Is there a way to import the data into Home Designer Suite 8? If so, a simple "yes" will do and if this is already covered somewhere a link will suffice.