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  1. I started a simple shed project - had four walls, created two opposite walls as gable walls, on my way to doing a shed wall and then I generated a floor camera view inside the room. the gable walls did not rebuild up to the roof line, but the glass house perspective view shows that they did. not sure what I don't have turned on (or off) that is keeping the walls from rebuilding properly (I have "rebuild walls" ticked in the Build Rood dialogue box). any help on settings would be appreciated!
  2. Beakerr

    using sketchup objects

    thanks David - I've seen several of your Youtube videos - they've been very helpful!
  3. Beakerr

    using sketchup objects

    too bad - thanks for the quick response!
  4. Beakerr

    using sketchup objects

    New guy here - first post, and not a very accomplished user. is there any way use an imported Sketchup model that is animated (opening drawers, doors in a cabinet), such that the animation works in a Home Designer pro plan? thanks in advance