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    3d rendering

    Thanks LawB10 i had some specs of something really far out there in the landscape. i don't know how they got there and it took awhile to find them but after i deleted them it appears to be functioning now. Thanks again
  2. rjfbinder

    3d rendering

    I keep getting an error message when i open up a orthographic 3d overview. the overview shows up as a spot on my screen that i have to zoom way in on to see. when i get the image in the screen my mouse orbit won't work. I have to use the directional keys to navigate. and i can only move the image left right or up and down. i cannot turn it to see the back or sides. this is the error message. i should point out that the program used to work well and this is a recent problem. /Users/autobuild/p4sync/dev/releases/16/chief/source/plan.cpp(2329): Warning #272032382 "The extents of the view being generated are unusually large. This may be caused by an object that is very far away from the origin." 12/02/2015 08:28:50 PM Build: i am running hd pro 2015 on a macbook pro with OS X Yosemite.