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  1. Architectural Home Designer 2015 (Honestly dont know a lot about my PC, just that it is WIndows 7 and runs Revit and NavisWorks just fine so plenty of memory and good video card) So I am brand new to this software. Want to use it for simple planning. My problem is this. When I draw out the exterior walls for my garage/wolrkshop, it goes fine (See first attachment). But when I go to the foundation view, you see the walls extend past the limits of the above grade exterior walls (Attachment 2). I tried to combat this by turning off auto rebuild foundation, and manually doing it, but that seems like unneccesary work. In addition, the foundation walls do not line up with the exterior walls above. They appear to be lining up their exterior wall line with the interior wall line of the exterior walls above (whew!). I can manualy move them into place but again seems like more work that should be functioning in the program. Thanks!