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    terrain import

    Thanks for your quick response! I have been playing with different ways to export the data with my other programs in hopes that I would find something that would luck! I also saved the terrain as an image, metafile, and pdf and they were all really small for some reason. EIther way, I found ANOTHER pdf of the area and am attempting to use it to trace the elevation lines. However, now I am having trouble understanding how to trace. It seems Home Designer Architectural has 'line', 'point', or 'region' choices for elevation. I have set my site to a height of 7008 ft, which is where my building pad will be. The next elevation is 7010. The line is not straight, but instead has multiple curves to follow. Is there a way to insert multiple vertices in an elevation line in order to trace the terrain? I don't necessarily have to do this on ALL of the elevation lines, but would like to do it on the area around where the house will be. I am trying to figure out approximately how much of the hillside I will need to dig into. It is very difficult topology. I do not seem to have the option to import a dfx. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help!
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    terrain import

    Hi, I am new to Home Designer and am having a problem importing my terrain. I purchased the Architectural version in order to have more terrain tools and the ability to import, as I have hilly topo on my land. The steps I am taking are: -Open a new plan and select "Landscape & terrain" and then "Design your own" -US (inches) units are chosen -once open, go to File/Import/Terrain Data -Choose to import from a csv When I push "OK", the wizard closes and nothing appears to happen. I check the 3D view and the lot looks flat. The data I have came from a topo DWG (lines) that was then exported to a csv file. The XYZ values are decimal degrees with the lines separated by a newLine and the XYZ separated by commas, like this: -105.2183517007,39.5813716627,2163.475 -105.2183713845,39.5813567599,2163.475 There is only one point per line. I see that the XY of the frame does not appear to be in decimal degrees, so I have tried looking into ways to change it...but I see no way to do this. All of the google searches on this topic seem to highlight tools that are available in the PRO version or in Chief Architect, but that are not in the Architectural version. What do I need to do to import the terrain? The DWG came from my engineer, but I have ArcGIS and AutoCAD Civil at work and so can do some things with the DWG, if needed (I'm not that good with CAD, but I can google!!). Any tips, tricks, or instructions to get started would be great, as I cannot design a house until I get this topo in! Thanks!