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  1. I am using HD Pro currently and creating construction docs at 24x36. The program does not come set with this size, but it can be created. From your Layout, PRINT --> Customize sheet sizes... Then you can create an ARCH D at 24 x 36. Just send them to PDF (as the print destination), then you can save the file and get them to a large printer. The thing to pay attention to is that once you link a Plan and its camera views to a Layout, you can't move files around or rename them. And it wants the files in the same folder. But it's a live link between your camera view and the Layout. So you can continue to make changes and they will be reflected in the Layout. That may be a lot of detail for you if you have yet to interact with the program, but the short answer is, yes, you can use Home Designer Pro for large format plans.
  2. DouglasBacon

    Septic System & Well

    Using HD Pro 15 on a Mac. Does anyone know if there is library content for representing a septic tank and drain field? Also need to represent a well on the plans. Thanks! Elizabeth
  3. DouglasBacon

    Screened in Porch

    Hi there. Using HD Pro 15 on a Mac. Trying to create a screened in porch. I've created the room without any trouble, but I can't seem to find screens anywhere. I don't want to put windows in their place, because that's a much different look than what I'm actually going to be doing. Is it a matter of changing materials? I'm not finding screens anywhere. Or do I take a different approach and construct the walls differently? Pony walls maybe? Thanks! Elizabeth Attached is a photo of the room with windows where there will ultimately be screens.
  4. DouglasBacon

    Post footings for covered porch

    From floorplan, I used Build-->Framing-->Post . You can then place a post and it will create the post footing.
  5. DouglasBacon

    How to combine retaining walls & walkout basement...?

    Thank you Kbird! The region tool was the perfect fix.
  6. Hello! I am quite new to the software.. I am using HDPro 2015 for Mac. I am drafting up a house my family will be building. The house is being built on a ridge. It is a ranch with a walk out basement basically cut into the hillside. So the terrain around most of the house will be high- not far from the top of the foundation. My difficulty is getting the program to understand the house as the middle of my retaining wall section. In order to get the terrain to cut out, I have to build a retaining wall along the face of the basement, which shows up as a tall wall and is obviously not the way it will be built, seeing as the basement will be there, so there will be no need for holding the earth back. What might be some side steps to this problem? The most important thing is that I get some good elevation renderings so we can submit the design for approval. Attached are various elevations and shots of the floor plan view. Thanks for your help! Elizabeth