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    Alfresco Folding Window Serving hatch

    I wish to create a folding window from my kitchen into the alfresco. Is there a way in Home Designer Pro 2018 to offset the way a window opens, to being off centre when creating a bi-fold door made of glass. I attach photo of my first attempt and a real photo of what the result should look like. In my attempt I could only have 2 folds and they opened in the center, whereas the real product has 3 folds and opens offset to one side. Can anyone give any tips if a manufacturer catalogue item is closer to what I am trying to achieve, or a trick on how to edit the bi-fold door I used to try to mimic this hatch?
  2. DavidSkilton

    Alfresco Folding Window Serving hatch

    Eric, I've done the signature thing as you suggested. I was already attempting to use Nana wall, their WD66 product is almost exactly the right thing. The challenge I was having with it is it is behaving like an object, and not like a door or a window. I've watched the video's on how to do this, and I think I'll be able to figure it out. Mine is a little different as the bottom of door is at the height of the kitchen work surface. It's fighting me a little, but I think I'll be able to figure out what is blocking me from placing the Nana wall in the door opening. I think the issue is that I'm placing it at kitchen work surface height. and there are differences in floor height between the kitchen and the alfresco. Thanks for your assistance.
  3. I have a flat block of land that I have just purchased and I want to design the home I'm going to build on it. It is a 7 sided block with only one 90 degree corner. However, I do know the angles of all the corners of the block very accurately, also the exact length of each on the seven sides. How do I draw a polyline shape and specifically set the angles and lengths of each of the sides? Home Designer Architectural 2016 img20151127_22180245.pdf