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  1. Watched your video, thank you for your time. As-builts are more difficult as the fascia height is already fixed as well as valley and ridge lines and close is good enough. Really appreciate your extra effort.
  2. Morning, Just saw your post. Every issue fixed. Operator errors!! Thanks for your help. That gable break worked sweetly. I will check out the video.
  3. Eric, I have been fighting the program for three hours, deleting roof planes and rebuilding but I am getting nowhere. It keeps changing the fascia elevations, removing outer layers of walls, and the black temporary points keep popping up even though I have snapped right on them. I may have corrupted something. Would you mind emailing me the file you corrected. Thank you, Dan.
  4. Hi All, Have a Cape Cod style 1 1/2 story as-built, continuous perimeter footing with interior grade beam on piers, manually built roof as the partial gable and angled walls created many issues with the program. Feel free to check the wall directives. Eave return on partial gable to the left of garage won't build, but the right return did. Same left area also has an auto attic wall sticking through the roof. Checked room and wall defaults as program advised a wall change had occurred in 3D, but did not find anything. Requesting assistance. Also had a dormer gap at the main roof ridge break. Tried extending the attic wall, did not work. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Dan. Grade Beams Forum Copy Sept 2020 As Built.plan