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  1. It is working for me, just an extra step. I understand it's an old plotter, I can't justify the money for a newer plotter than can print 18" x 24". I assumed that some are using plotters with Home Designer Pro since it supports Arch C drawing size... Thanks, Eddy
  2. Hello Everyone, I picked up an older HP Designjet on eBay and after a little jostling, I was able to get it set up in Windows 10 by using the XP 64-bit driver. I can print from any application except Home Designer Pro for some reason. When I select print, everything looks fine but when I click the Print button, nothing is sent to the printer and there is no error message. I am working around the problem by printing to PDF then printing from Acrobat Reader with no issues. Anyone else using a Designjet printer? Thanks, Eddy
  3. Thanks, that fixed it. With Architectural I wasn't able to modify the roof plane but it's not a problem with Pro.
  4. Hello, I have an issue with a wall not rendering correctly where it joins the roof. When I checked the plan, it says the upper wall may not be aligned with the lower wall but I can't find any issue with the alignment. This was originally created with Home Designer Architectural 2016 and I think the issue was there initially. I have since upgraded to Pro. Any thoughts? Thanks, Eddy Home Designer Pro 2016 Build: Ranch 6.zip