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  1. Eric. You are beyond awesome! That works perfectly. Thanks.
  2. David. Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll try the slab or soffit idea - I've used that before for this problem - just looking for a better way. By the way, I like to use slabs instead of soffits often times - it seems they are a little more versatile. Thanks, Brian.
  3. In Pro 1018, can you please tell me how to make exterior wall surfaces (brick and rock) build and display correctly. In the attached image, you can see that the brick is visible on the front rock wall, where I would like the entire wall to be rock all the way to the corner, and perhaps even wrap around the corner as would be in the construction. My brick wall is a standard 4" brick wall, and the rock is a "copy" with the brick simply changed to rock. I wonder if this is a matter of which wall was drawn first, or which way I was moving the mouse? Thanks for your help. Brian
  4. I have a similar problem as mentioned above. My cabinets are wood (colored white via material painter), but the cabinet retains the wood grain texture when changing to white. I would like to be able to change the material and color to simply cream as shown in picture. Surely I am missing something, but I can't seem to figure it out. Also, is there a way to copy cabinet properties such as door style, molding, pulls, etc from one cabinet and then place those properties to all of the cabinets in one step? Thanks, Brian. Home Designer Pro 2018