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    free form lines

    You've been very helpful, thanks!
  2. duncanator

    free form lines

    I used the spline sidewalk tool and it worked. Thanks! One last question, how do I select an area and fill it with an item like grass or bark? Something like the fill tool in photoshop.
  3. duncanator

    free form lines

    It's parallel but not straight lines. It will contain bark and some small bushes with a drip line. I think what you did shows me that it could be done. I will play with it some more tonight and try the spline sidewalk tool. Thanks for the tips!
  4. duncanator

    free form lines

    Of course it's not impossible, just to me at the moment. I must have purchased the product right before it was discontinued because I think I've only had it since April-May and purchased it from this site. It is a really nice piece of software for the price so I'm thankful for that, but some things I try to do seem like they should be easier than they are. Like you said, it might be a limitation of the version. I just need to have plans of my backyard to submit to my HOA. I have attached a picture of the corner with the fence as well as the area with the air conditioner where I want the sidewalk to go around it. Also, I am trying to draw a mow strip probably 6 feet in from the fence. Thanks!
  5. duncanator

    free form lines

    I purchased the landscape and deck software a few months ago and through lots of trial and error, I finally got the terrain and home to look ok. What I would really like to do is draw a mow strip around an area near the fence, but draw it almost free hand. Is this possible? It seems that it is something that I should be able to do. Also, I am trying to draw a sidewalk around an air conditioner but after many hours of trying to draw something this simple, I've determined it can't be done. It just looks weird to have angled sidewalks and patios around a house. Yes, I've watched all the videos but when curving a line, it never works as expected. Obviously I have no experience with this type of software, but is there a way just to draw a free form line for a lawn border? Thanks!
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