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    Pro - Is there issues or is it me?

    Have upgraded to Pro 2019. I dont know if its me or not. The fact that the program doesn't seems to help you other than basic items is crazy. I dont care of I need to reverse a wall. That's ridiculous, and really doesnt matter.The fact that it doesn't allow me to generate a roof without telling me why, is a again ridiculous. After 2 days of finally figuring that out. The hours spent on figuring out how to put a railing on top of a wall or a solid railing is again ridiculous. I just spent $300 to make live life more difficult. I dont really find anything that helps or shows me whats needs. I find more options which make thing more difficult and complicated. Not to mention that the CPU processing time is ridiculous, and Ive raggedy adjusted those options. Yes, Its and I5 with 12G Ram and 250 M SSD for program and a 1TB for data.. It shouldn't be running show. Not to mention I just spent $300 to upgrade the Video to 1050 TI card and of course the power supple to 600W. This my not be the $2500 version but Im not that impressed with what I have for the money to be honest. Am I missing something or are there issues that not explained well. Oh - and search the knowledge base is not best explanation of issues. I really miss the days for 2D autocad. I could design a house 2x as fast, sure it want 3D.