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  1. Thanks, Eric! Works like a charm! I added my info. to my siggie as suggested. I initially did a search in the help section for the information, but it didn't pull anything up as it appears the built-in help is extremely basic. Maybe most of the information is in the reference guide. I have a couple more things I am trying to figure out currently that I am hoping are there as well (how to snap to center of an object, wall, line, etc.) as they are completely not mentioned in the help section. Again, thanks for the help!
  2. I am just getting into using this software and have come across one huge usability issue. It doesn't appear that there is any shortcut to the pan tool. When I am working, I work quickly and move around the screen a lot, while zoomed in for detail work. All other software I have used has some kind of way to very quickly and easily pan around your work area so that you can just grab your screen and pull the direction you are heading. I am finding that I have to constantly stop working and go actually find and click on the pan icon to be able to move around. The scroll-bars are not even an option as that is way too clunky and time-consuming. My favorite option for this was a software where you just held down the space bar which automatically turned on the pan option and then release the space bar to end it and resume to previous tool. You can literally fly around your drawing that way, saving loads of time. Am I just missing something obvious here??