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  1. Absolutely -- Wouldn't want to waste anyone's time without doing my research. The issue is in that help the roof sits above the floor. In my case the roof wraps around the floor.
  2. Sorry for being unclear. I have a first floor, second floor, and an attic. The first floor has stone siding (not a problem). The second floor's siding is actually roof (very steep), and then there is an attic above that is covered with a gentle incline.
  3. Whoops -- Looks like the pic didn't attach.
  4. Thanks for replying Eric -- I have '14 Essentials but can upgrade if necessary. I've included a picture of my house and attached garage. Also, I've checked through the help and couldn't get it quite right. I can't get the roof to wrap around the attic and top floor. Thanks for your time and help!
  5. I have a Mansard roof but the roof covers the top floor (which there is an attic too) I can't figure out how to set roof to wrap around both attic and top floor. Please help!