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  1. garysec

    Parapet Walls to Single storey hipped roof home

    Hi Eric. Have added a bit of info as requested. Want to do working drawings for builders, approval from relevant authorities (here in Australia that is Councils generally or certifiers). The parapet walls have a "boxed" gutter that is directly behind them so when the water runs down the roof it runs into the gutter(s) which in turn have rainheads (pipes from gutter down to ground level and then into the sites's stormwater system. Hope this helps a bit.
  2. garysec

    Parapet Walls to Single storey hipped roof home

    Hi Please see attached pic. You will note that eaves are deleted where there is the parapet wall. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have read how to create a single storey flat roofed home with parapet walls. A big there in Australia is hipped roofs with parapet walls across the front façade or just over a Portico (effectively a raised porch). Has anyone worked a way for this to be done in 2016 version? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks