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  1. Thank you for your answer. I may upgrade later to the Pro version, but I'm to young in my designing process, and I first want to make a first satisfying project before evoluating. Actually, the ability to define the wall structure is currently my best motivation to upgrade, since I contemplate building a double wall green house, and I need to plan it that way. I hope it will reflect in the material list. The other main lack of the Architectural version, for me at this point, seems to be at the output level. It seems there are few options.
  2. Hi, I cannot find any feature to switch between metric and US/Imperial systems for measures. There are some people like me, raised in the metric system, and living now in a region where Imperial mesures prevails, who can work with feet and inches for realizing projects, but who feel more comfortable with meters for appreciating larger dimensions and designing projects. I.e., I can easily work with 2x6's or 2x4's, as well as 3/4" or 7/16 hardware, etc., but I cannot easily figure what a 17' long room represents, while a 5,10 m long room talks to me. It would be useful to be able to switch between both systems when designing a plan. Unless that feature actually exists and I missed it? Phil
  3. Hi, I currently have the HD 2016 Suite version. I consider upgrading to Architectural version, but when I look at the comparison chart, I cannot actually find what warrants to double the price. Even though there are some additional or improved features, those do not seem to be that numerous or indispensable, compared to the features in the Suite version. There does not look to be an actual gap between both version, at least, nothing comparable to the gap between the Architectural and Pro versions. But the latter is somewhat expensive for an individual, at that point in my case. What's your opinion on that? TIA Phil