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  1. Hello, I'm brand new to Home Designer (Suite 2016). I'm trying to build a very simple , tiny house, that is 16 x 24 ft. with the 24ft. walls having 2 different heights . One wall would be 10' the other wall would be 14' with, both with gable ends. The 10' wall roof would be longer than the 14' wall if you can picture that hopefully . Also, my plan is to create a nice Loft area for sleeping at the 8' level at one end of the design. I just can't seem to find anything in the program that let's me build these 2 different height walls that are gabled . Thanks for any help here, Padge
  2. Thanks everyone.. I managed to get the same Look that Kat created. Now I need to get a LOFT created at one end of this tiny house beginning at the 8' level with open ceiling, all the way to the roof apex... basically, no ceiling ?
  3. Hey Kat.... how about EXACTLY like that !!! I'm game... how did you do that.. I do see the , maybe, the room divider or maybe an invisible wall ? My interest is also what the framing looks like.. I'll try what you have shown and see what it looks like framing wise also.... The next step is that Loft I want to put at the 8' level on one end. Thanks much, Padge