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  1. Oh my Jo Ann you found the old link! Thank you! I have been playing with the plan, adjusting settings to match yours, but the problem isn't fixed yet. I'll keep working on it and post again if I get stuck. Thank you so much!
  2. OK I added the plan file and the version I'm using in the signature, I think. Thanks.
  3. HI, Thank you in advance. I have been struggling with this problem for over a year. Every so often I try again to fix it and then give up. But I can't make any interior changes to this room until I get it right. I came here I think or another forum and got some help but I was never able to get the suggestions to work and I failed to save the suggestions so I need to start over. The pictures should show the problem. Something I have done with the walls of the room over the garage is making the roof way too high. I've included the 3D of the inside and a photo of what the inside really looks like. It's been a while since I tried working on this, and I know it's something to do with knee walls but I've read over the article about knee walls and I still don't get it. I'm happy to pay someone to just fix this for me, I don't need anyone to spend lots of time trying to explain it to me because you will no doubt get frustrated with my inability to understand. But If you think I can fix it, I'd love to get some help. Thank you. Smileyflower home.plan