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  1. I tried following these directions but I get garbage. I was able to do this in the trial version of chief, but can't save it. seems once it know what is north it know where to put the lines. also this is the error I get about the mono slab
  2. I am designing a vacation home for a piece of land in the mountains. the land is on a 36 degree slope. I need help putting the house on plot plan that is from the assessors parcel info. I also get an error when trying to get a material list. "the monolithic slab needs finishing". I am using suite 2016 to draw this. I have uploaded the parcel info and the .plan. any help would be appreciated. my goal is to do as much of it as I can before handing it off to a professional. if someone could just add the plot plan to this file and re-upload it that would be great. Thanks Dan PML7.plan