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    SafeNet not working

    I have just installed Home Designer Pro 8 on my laptop (I no longer have my desktop computer) and I get a message that update is needed but it will not update. Now it say SafeNet hasp is not working. I am using Windows 7 Pro on a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. Please tell me what I need to do. Thanks, Sue Jackson Wyoming
  2. allyncooper, Thanks for the post. Our favorite doctor is in Buffalo now. We live 4 miles outside of town but we have covenants--minimum sq feet and no manufactured homes. Thanks again, wyosue
  3. It has been so long since I have been on the group--where do I find the PM?
  4. Love It!!!! We lived in Wellington, about 40 southwest of Cleveland. Sue
  5. Jo_Ann Thanks for the suggestions. Drawing a straight line with a ruler right now is a challenge <just kidding>. We moved to Wyoming from Ohio in 2003. Thank you again, Sue in Wyoming
  6. AppleWalker, Thank you so much. Love your design but not sure it will work. If we bought a lot down the road something like that would work with beautiful views of Wind River Canyon. Right now we are on the other side of the road. Our home right now is 3300 sq ft on 2 levels. For a new home I would want one between 2500 sq ft and 2800 sq ft. with a sewing room too Thanks again.
  7. Rookie, Thanks for your comments. My Graphics cards are great for both computers. I stayed with Windows 7 Pro because some of my other software would not work using Windows 10. I just want to get an idea of what I can design using Pro 8 before I talk to any builders. Solver, Thanks for your comments too. Actually my first Home Designer program was 6.0 and I had a house design for our lot but my computer crashed and I lost the plans. I know my design will not be "Professional" but I wanted to start with something to show any builders.
  8. It has been about 2 years since I have posted on this group. I was going to add a Sewing Studio to our existing home but it did not happen. Now I want to draw plans for a new home on our lot next door to our existing home.Because of the lay of the land (many draws) I am not sure what size foot print will fit. I am not sure where to begin. I want a house on one level (no stairs) with easy access. I want rooms spacious. We are in our 70's and 80's so need to design plans with age in mind. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a new desktop computer and a new laptop and both have Win
  9. Eric, That is the way I had it 4 years ago when I was going to do this--long story short--x-builder friend did not want to do it. Took me over a year to get the design the way I wanted it and my husband said he was getting too old for a large remodel. We live in a small town and do not have many choices. I guess I thought this one would be much smaller--probably not But I too think going out like I want would be too long. I wish I could pull up my design because I thought it looked pretty good. Thank you for your input. Thanks, Sue in Wyoming Sue's Sew EZ Designs Home Designer Pro 8
  10. Eric, Yes, the house faces west? I would add 12' to make the garage for my sewing room and that would make the size approx 40' x 22' then add another 26' with (2) 10' garage doors facing south. Actually the finished length would be more like 66'. I hope that makes sense. Thanks, Sue in Wyoming Sue's Sew EZ Designs Home Designer Pro 8 Windows 7 Pro Desktop computer
  11. David, I don't know if you can answer this question but I have been trying to figure out how I could add a sewing/computer room on the ground level. Right now it is in the walk-out basement. It seems to be the only option I have now is to make our garage my sewing room and add a new garage to the west of the garage right now with the garage doors facing to the south instead of the west. Right now the gararge is 21' 6" by 27' 6". I think I could add 12' to the length and make the new garage 26' by 21'6" but that would make that side of the house about 54' long. I want the end result to be aest
  12. David, I tried that a year ago when I got my laptop and it did not work--maybe it was because I did not have an extra harddrive on my laptop. I will ask my computer guy if he can do that for me. Thanks, Sue in Wyoming Sue's Sew EZ Designs Home Designer Pro 8 Windows 7 Pro Desktop computer
  13. Eric, Thanks, I found some of my old posts. Everything that was posted by me and others were jpgs. Thanks again for your help. Thanks, Sue in Wyoming Sue's Sew EZ Designs Home Designer Pro 8 Windows 7 Pro Desktop computer
  14. Eric, Thanks, I will try that tomorrow. I will try to find more files but not sure what extenstion to look for. I know I had more files and folders. Do you know how long posts are kept on this forum? I had to create a new account because I could not be found. Thanks, Sue in Wyoming Sue's Sew EZ Designs Home Designer Pro 8 Windows 7 Pro Desktop computer
  15. Eric, Yes Home Designer is on my new computer. When I try to open a file it comes up as a PDF file--the only thing I can think of is when I was trying to post something here or email it to someone. When I try to open plan/layout at the bottom is says Plan Files (*.plan,*.pl1) I can find one zipped folder that says open with Windows Explorer. The other ones say jpg file Opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC with a change button but does not give me a choice for opening with Home Designer. Thanks, Sue in Wyoming Sue's Sew EZ Designs Home Designer Pro 8 Windows 7 Pro Desktop computer
  16. It has been a while since I have been on this Forum. When I first used Home Designer Pro 8 my computer had Windows XP Pro. I just got a new computer with Windows 7 and cannot open my files from my old computer. One of them is called Existing House but it might be one that I sent to someone on the Forum. I was trying to design a new Sewing Studio in 2006 but was not able to get it done at that time. When I try to open things I get the Adobe Reader screen but the file is not listed. When I click on Start> Acrobat Adobe DC> things are listed but I cannot seem to open things. I am tryin