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    New basement

    I find that designing a home for a family member, or a spouse can be very challenging. Just today my significant other informed me that we weren't going to build a ranch anymore. We're now going to build a two story home. After a year of planning and redrawing several floor plans, we're back to square one. I started years ago with HDP and found that the program lacked what I needed for the jobs I was doing, and for what I wanted to achieve, so I made the leap, and never looked back Couldn't be happier. I LOVE the ray tracing. Have a great night and keep studying and practicing with HDP and you'll be a pro in no time!
  2. Rosco2017

    New basement

    Robert, I'm going to give you some constructive criticism, and probably unsolicited advice. After seeing David mess around with your plan on YouTube, I decided to take a look myself. I turned on the "Automatic Dimension" layer and noticed you have a bit of a mess on your hands. My builder only accepts plans with quarter inch fractions on them, anything else is a bit of a headache. I also noticed in your Master Bath that the area where the toilet is located "might" be a little tight. My builder (and again this is only my opinion) never goes any smaller than 3'-0" x 6'-0" Once you're in the room with the toilet, how are you going to close the door? You might want to increase the size of your living room windows. They look a little small. Our clients LOVE light and want lots off it! Attached is a example of the amount of windows some clients ask for. The three windows in under the covered area with transoms are the family room windows. Again, these are just some observations to help prevent you from having to go back and fix a bunch of mistakes. Take care Robert.
  3. Rosco2017

    New basement

    Robert, are you planning on building with these plans?