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  1. I recently upgrade from HD Suite 2014 to HD Pro 2015 and I am just getting used to things. One of the things that I have not been able to get used to, or that still annoys me is that in HD Suite 2014, the cursor keys always controlled panning. Now, in HD Pro 2015, if you have an object selected, the cursor keys will move that object, rather than pan the view. Is this a setting that is buried somewhere that I can change. I really hate this behavior. The workaround is as simple as hitting the escape key to 'drop' the selected object before panning, but I am constantly panning and zooming all over the drawing and having to reach across the keyboard for the escape key and then back to the cursor keys is very annoying. More annoying is when I inadvertently move a wall or other object or worse I move something and don't realize that I have done it...