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  1. Katalyst777 - thanks for the tip. Before I download another codec, though...I'd like to figure out why the record function SOMETIMES gives me a .avi file that I can view, and sometimes does not.
  2. I've just upgraded from Homedesigner 9 to Home Suite 2016..... Working with the Walk-Through tool is providing me more 'opportunities for personal and spiritual growth'.... I can get the Record function to start, but it stops in what I think is the middle of the path. This is frustrating, because what I see is: the walkthru-path starts with a camera labeled '1', and the first time I let up the mouse button, stops, and shows a camera (icon) labeled '2'.... Sometimes - I can click again, and I get a new camera 1' which lets me draw a path to a new camera '2'..and it works fine. And then, sometimes the recording of the walkthrough stops in what I think is the middle, Also, when I save the .avi files for later, when I open up the folder that contains them, and sometimes I can play the (truncated) videos, and sometimes the Media Player screen (Windows 7) is just black. Yes, I read the manual.....and it suggested that everything should work I am clearly missing something. Thanks in advance!