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  1. JinksG

    Dollhouse view has a roof?

    Thanks! I will try that. I was following some instructions on the website . . . but what you're suggesting makes a lot of sense--unchecked the box and can see now. Will see if I can just figure how to do the walls now. Appreciate your help.
  2. JinksG

    Dollhouse view has a roof?

    yes, that's the way I read to make that kind of floor--was getting ready to learn how to do knee walls--2nd floor won't have the square footage that 1st floor does, with rooms looking out the gable ends and a smaller gable across the front to look sort of like this . . .
  3. JinksG

    Dollhouse view has a roof?

    SnowGoose4.plan Here's the plan . . . any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. JinksG

    Dollhouse view has a roof?

    I'm still new to Home Designer, but I have worked on a few different floor plans and haven't encountered this problem until now. I have a 2 story design and choose dollhouse view--the 1st floor works fine and shows me the correct "dollhouse" view. But the 2nd floor has a roof on it. Isn't that the point of dollhouse view to not have a roof so you can see inside? I must have done something to make this happen . . . ideas? Thanks