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  1. I figured it out after I posted. But I thank you for showing me another way!
  2. Guess it didn't save! Here it is again! I designed three different types of floating homes! I fooled around a bit more with terrain features and elevations and it worked!!!!
  3. Niiiice! I didn't want something that grand as yours! I uploaded a sample of my work thus far! Hope that worked! :-)
  4. How can I design a floating home on top of water using Home Designer Suite?
  5. I found a way to make the lights not be viewed in 3D in the Display Options! I unchecked gutters. LOL
  6. When I placed the 3D Christmas Lights in Home Designer Suite 2017 outside the house, they showed up on all areas and floors with gutters. How do I remove them without disrupting my attic floor? Do I have to delete roof after all to make them go away? Thanks to whoever knows!