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  1. Thanks Eric. Took me a bit of time to work it out... but i got there. Really appreciate your help. Thanks again to you too Jo_Ann.
  2. Thanks so much Jo_Ann - that worked However, I now have another problem that I have tried to work around - with no success. I have Brick material showing in the top corner of the ceiling. See attached image. @DJP - thanks for your response, I have attached my plan this time round. beechwood-option-2.5.0.plan Best, and thanks - what a great forum.
  3. Hi all, I'm a first timer, so be gentle I am planning a side extension with a vaulted ceiling. See images: first from inside, second from outside. Inside the side extension, I have set the exterior wall (from main house) as plasterboard for both the 1st and 2nd floor - the 2nd floor was trickier, but I managed it if you see the second floor picture above. The problem can be seen in the first photo. The interstitial space (is that what it's called) shows external brickwork - not plasterboard. I tried using the material eyedropper, the result is plasterboard coloured brickwork. Can anyone help? Do I need to make this scenario clearer? Thanks