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    Roof continuity problem

    Thanks very much. Makes sense.
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    Roof continuity problem

    Hi all I've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this to work, but still no luck. Aim: I wish to have the roof (see attached) over the garage continue instead of being broken by the balcony above. I've circled the area with a yellow highlighter. I've tried using different room types, splitting the exterior wall on level 2 and using this instead of a balcony. Knee walls don't work. I've gone through manually generating a dorma but it my pitch is too shallow for it to work (I believe). I'm pretty much out of ideas. I can certainly understand why the break in the roof is happening, I would like to see it gone... I'm a bit of a n00b too sorry, I've only been using the software for 3-4 days. Thanks in advance for your help. Stu
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    Roof continuity problem

    Eventually I will make the wall behind the balcony a gable wall. This will cover the balcony (I've figured out how to extend balcony posts to the roof line and how to change the overhang for the gable wall). Attached is a plan I did previously that shows the access, gable roof, etc.
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    Roof continuity problem

    Thank you for the information and reply. I've updated my signature (but just in case - I'm using Home Designer Suite 2016). Here is the design file.plan V2.plan