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  1. Investmentbiz

    Commercial tar & gravel roof with parapet walls

    Whew you saved my sanity! I forget there was another place on the website for solutions! Thanks again for your quick help! JM
  2. Investmentbiz

    Commercial tar & gravel roof with parapet walls

    Does anyone know how to draw a parapet wall with a tar & gravel roof (with roof drains; although drawing these drains is not my focus) like the attached picture. I have been using another program for some time but I found a lot of features in the Home Designer Pro 2016 that I really like but I am really having trouble drawing this. In addition, on a building like this there are bar joists & metal decking which I would eventually like to at least allude to in my drawings. I do not see any structural steel type elements available in this version of this program. Does anyone know if these elements are available as well? Jason Moore