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    Sawtooth shed (skillion) roofs

    Oh, righto. Thanks Jo Ann. I'm leaving the project for a bit because our plans may have changed radically - renovate existing rather than demolish and build afresh - but I'll post an image if/when I come back to it. Thanks again for your help. All the best.
  2. MattandLana

    Sawtooth shed (skillion) roofs

    Thanks all for your suggestions. Sorry for my delay in responding - this is a weekends-only thing for me. No Solver it's not an existing structure but the image shown in Jo-Ann's post is exactly what I'm after. The Clerestory KBA method is working for me, except that I'm having trouble getting the elevated bit of wall which joins the two roof pitches to work correctly or at all. (That is, the wall above the left hand one of the two inner temporary walls.) Jo-Ann, you've solved it but I don't know how. I may be not using the forum controls correctly but all I can see of your post is the last 2 lines and two thumbnails. Tantalising! How did you get the wall to draw?
  3. MattandLana

    Sawtooth shed (skillion) roofs

    Thanks Eric, good tip. I'm using Home Designer Suite 2016 on a Mac.
  4. MattandLana

    Sawtooth shed (skillion) roofs

    Hello, I'm new to the forum (first post) so I apologise if my unsuccessful searches have missed this. I'm trying to create a sawtooth roof, with each roof being a skillion (shed), so that the middle wall forms the high edge of one roof plane and also the low edge of the next roof plane. I've read and successfully implemented the excellent Knowledge Base article on multiple shed roofs but can't figure out how to have the middle wall do double duty like this. Thanks for any suggestions. Matt